Are mothers of infants guaranteed breastfeeding breaks at work?


This map tells us whether women are guaranteed the right to breaks for breastfeeding upon their return to work after childbirth, requiring workplaces to provide at least unpaid time for a mother to feed her infant or express milk.

More information:

  • Breastfeeding breaks are commonly guaranteed for a set length of time determined either by a number of months after returning to work or by a child’s age. For comparability, we show the length as the child’s age. If legislation specifies a length of time permitted to breastfeed after the mother returns to work and the mother is also entitled to paid maternal leave, the age shown is the sum of post-birth paid maternal leave and the breastfeeding break entitlement. For example, if a mother is entitled to 3 months of post-birth paid maternity leave and 4 months of breastfeeding breaks once she returns to work (7 months total), we show that she is entitled to breastfeeding breaks until the child is 6-11.9 months old.
  • The World Health Organization recommends at least 6 months of breastfeeding.