How many hours off from work at night are 12-year-olds guaranteed?


This map tells us how many hours of rest at night 12-year-olds are legally guaranteed.

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  • Hours of rest at night is the number of uninterrupted hours off work at night that children are guaranteed at age 12.
  • Not guaranteed means there is no guarantee of time off specifically at night. If a country specifies only that work by children and youth is limited to a given number of hours per day, it is not counted as prohibiting night work because the working hours could occur at night.
  • Less than 10 hours includes cases where legislation prohibits night work, but does not specify the number of hours.
  • Protected from working means children may not do general work at age 12. Light work may be permitted. If legislation specifies that children can only do light work which by definition should not interfere with schooling, it is assumed that they are well-protected for nightly rest.