How much education must lower secondary-school teachers complete?


This map tells us about the minimum level of education and specialized training teachers are required to complete to teach at the lower secondary education level.

More information:

  • The minimum level of education is that which national policy requires teachers to have completed in order to instruct students at the primary level. We also show whether they are required to have completed some specialized teacher training (which can vary in length and type of training across countries).
  • When a country requires three years of post-secondary education, we consider this to be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree for the purpose of comparability across countries.
  • If no information was available on whether specialized teacher training is required, the country appears in the map according to the level of education required, e.g. secondary education, bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree.
  • Bachelor’s with training includes a bachelor of education or a general bachelor’s degree with additional teacher training.