How much education must primary-school teachers complete?


This map tells us the minimum level of education teachers are required to complete to teach at the primary education level.

­More information:

  • The minimum level of education is that which national policy requires teachers to have completed in order to instruct students at a given educational level.
  • Lower secondary usually ends after 9 years of schooling following the beginning of primary education.
  • Secondary education usually ends after 12 years of schooling following the beginning of primary education.
  • When a country requires three years of post-secondary education, we consider this to be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree for the purpose of comparability across countries.
  • Bachelor’s with training includes a bachelor of education or a general bachelor’s degree with additional teacher training.
  • Lower secondary, secondary education, and master’s degree include countries that require a teacher to have completed no more than that level of education, whether or not they require specialized teacher training.
  • Master’s degree consists of a program of study that normally occurs after the successful completion of a bachelor’s degree.
  • If no information was available on whether specialized teacher training is required, the country was coded according to the level of education required; e.g. secondary education, bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree.