How much would an unemployed minimum wage worker receive per day?


This map tells us the level of government-provided financial assistance a worker who earned minimum wage would likely be entitled to during unemployment. For comparability, the benefit levels are converted to a daily rate and adjusted for the buying power of the local currency using a purchasing power parity (PPP) adjustment.

More information:

  • These amounts are calculated by putting the minimum wage into the benefit-calculation formula. For example, if unemployment insurance pays workers 45% of their wage the amount shown would be 45% of minimum wage. Where applicable the national minimum of unemployment benefits was used.
  • To determine purchasing power parity (PPP), economists estimate the amount of money required to purchase the same bundle of goods and services across countries rather than using a simple exchange rate to compare currencies.
  • No government assistance includes cases where workers receive no financial assistance from the government but are entitled to severance pay from their employer after termination.