Is income protection during unemployment available?


This map tells us whether workers are entitled to income safety nets during periods of unemployment.

More information:

  • Severance pay is compensation that must be provided by an employer to an employee when his or her job is terminated. Severance pay may also be required when government unemployment benefits are available.
  • Benefits, but self-employed excluded means that the government provides unemployment benefits, but self-employed workers are not entitled to those benefits. This category also includes cases where it is unknown whether coverage is available to individuals who are self-employed.
  • Government unemployment benefits means the government provides unemployment benefits and coverage for individuals who are self-employed is available. This coverage includes both mandatory and voluntary coverage for the self-employed.
  • For all types of income protection, eligibility to receive these benefits may depend on a minimum period of employment, the specific type of employment (e.g. full-time, casual), age, and other factors.