Children's-Chances-bookOur goal is to make our findings available to a wide audience, including policymakers, researchers and the general public. Findings are published in a range of forms, including: Books, Articles, Policy Briefs, Case Studies and Other publications.

Recent WORLD Publications:

Summary Report: Children’s Chances

Children’s Chances, by Jody Heymann and Kristen McNeill, seeks to provide a global picture of where we stand in terms of policy tools that governments can use to make a difference in children’s life chances by drawing on original policy and law data. This report provides a brief overview and summary of key findings.

Article: Constitutional rights to health, public health and medical care: The status of health protections in 191 countries

The importance of public health measures and healthcare access is internationally recognized, but not universally protected. In this article, WORLD researchers discuss the status of constitutional rights to health, public health, and medical care in 191 countries.

Policy Brief: Measuring and Mapping Policy Progress: One of the Necessary Steps in Increasing Accountability

This policy brief discusses the importance and feasibility of collecting and presenting global data on national policies and legislation relevant to the health and development of women and children in an easily accessible, comparable, and concise format.